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What Is Astratek?

Astratek is a composite insulating coating, representing a liquid water-dilutable composition comprised of acrylic copolymers, special lightweight fillers and modifying agents. Astratek Insulation is a homogeneous liquid suspension (paste), which can be applied to the surface with a brush or sprayer. After drying Astratek forms a solid and flexible coating of an ordered microporous structure with heat-shielding and anticorrosion properties.

The ordered microporous structure of the coating gives an exceptionally low thermal conductivity.

The oxide film of Astratek’s surface provides high reflectivity and a low heat absorbtance coefficient.

Cumulative actions of low thermal conductivity, emissivity and absorbtance coefficients result in a high thermal resistance to the heat flow, and provide a high-performance of our ultrathin Astratek insulator.

Astratek's Main Properties:

1. The working coat thickness -  from 1 mm to 3 mm;

2. Our insulating coatings can be easily applied by brush or sprayer;

3. 1 mm of Astratek can replace about 50 mm of conventional fiber insulation;

4.Astratek’s life cycle on the object is 15 - 30 years.

Astratek’s Main Benefits:

  • Prevents surface frost penetration and insulates heat bridges;
  • Considerably reduces or eliminates condensation;
  • Adheres to any substrates and surfaces even curved and formed and located in tight areas;
  • Easy application saves installation time when compared to other insulation methods;
  • Lightweight, does not add the excessive weight load to building constructions
    Application temperatures from +5 to +150°C;
  • Operation temperatures -60 to+200°С (possible pick temperature +260°С (during 1-2 hours);
  • Environmentally friendly.

List of certificates and documents

1 Technical Specification TU 5768-002-62584336-2009
2 Sanitary-hygienic Certificate №П.000322.10.09 of 23.10.2009
3 Fire Safety Certificate № ССПБ.RU. ОП058. Н.00131 of 16.11.2009
4 Conformance Certificate № РОСС RU.AB48.H02260 of 03.12.2010
5 Certificate of the Federal Service for Ecological, Technological and Nuclear Supervision № РРС 00-36971 of 08.12.2009
6 Certificate of the Russian Federation Ministry of Regional Development (the department for housing and communal services) № 000008/ II-КМ-005 of 12.05.2010

The State Estimates Regulations. 

State Elemental Estimate Standards for Construction and Special Trade Construction Works

Part 26 «Insulation Installation», tables # 26-01-025, 26-01-043, 26-01-044, 26-01-045, 26-01-046, 26-01-047, 26-01-060, 26-01-061, 26-01-062.
8 Type Approval Certificate of Russian Maritime Register of Shipping № 11.00038.141 of 29.08.2011
9 Certificate of Quality Management System Conformity (ISO 9001:2008) № 11.0027.026 of 18.01.2011
10 IQNet Certificate № RU-11.0027.026 of 18.01.2011

Technical data (basic characteristics)

Characteristics Value
Method А Method В
Material density (t = 20°С, kg/m3) 400 ±10% 400 ±10%
Specific heat capacity coefficient, kJ/kg°С 1,2 1,2
Thermal conductivity (resulting), (t = 20°С, W/m/°С) 0,0012±10% 0,0015±10%
Heat absorbtance (24 h.), W/(m2°С) 0,30 0,35
Vapor permeability coefficient, mg/ m h Pa 0,02 0,02
Radiant heat-transfer coefficient (for an infrared radiation pyrometer or imager) 0,98 0,98

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