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Termalkom is a manufacturer of the liquid insulation ASTRATEK

Since its founding in 2003, Termalkom company has focused on the promotion of innovative materials and technologies in the construction, industrial and HCS sectors.

For today our company is a leader in the development and manufacture of heat-insulating polymer coatings which are highly filled composite structures based on hollow microspheres (syntactics). Besides the liquid insulation ASTRATEK our company also produces high quality paints and special primers under the trade mark GROSS.

Our company is included in the regional register of innovative enterprises of Volgograd region.

Our history

Our company was one of the first companies in Russia that entered the market with a completely new product - liquid ceramic insulating materials made in USA. The first material of this type was a Thermal-Coat material (TC Ceramic). The next stage of our company’s development was cooperation with the Mascoat Products Inc., that was a world leading manufacturer of thermal insulation coatings at that moment. This company has created a number of original products for various applications (Industrial - for use in industry and energy sectors, WeatherBloc - liquid insulation for facades, Marine - special insulating coatings for shipbuilding, AC – as anti-condensation coating).

By studying the market and gaining technical and marketing experience, our company could not but pay attention to the growth of consumer’s interest to liquid insulation. However, this interest was tempered by really high prices of American products, which seriously complicated its promotion. That is why in 2004 our company made a decision to develop a domestic material, similar to the American coatings in quality but more competitive in price. The research was conducted under the supervision of specialists from the elastomer processing chemistry and technology department in Volgograd State Technical University.

The main point was not only to create an analogue of overseas products, but also to offer a new high-tech product that meets all the requirements of the modern market. The result of these studies was the patent for "anti-corrosion and thermal insulation coating based on hollow microspheres" (RF patent number 2,374,281, a priority from 24.12.2007).

For today Termalkom is a modern manufacture equipped with the Netzsch (Germany), SMC (Japan), Dellmeco (UK) equipment, providing high performance and accuracy of all processes.

The release of high-tech products involves the usage the best domestic and overseas raw materials. For the production of complex multicomponent compositions ASTRATEK particularly important role played by the stability of raw material quality and manufacturing processes. Both careful preparation of raw materials and permanent control of the manufacturing process, requiring high experience and technological discipline, greatly affect the quality of the final product. All products manufactured by Termalkom pass a complete quality control at every stage: input quality control of raw materials and auxiliary materials, production process control, final acceptance of the finished product. Every batch of thermal insulation coatings ASTRATEK is tested in our own laboratory according to the specially developed program.

The quality management system of our company is certified for compliance with ISO 9001: 2008, which ensures a complete quality control at all stages of production and that is a major competitive advantage of our products.

ASTRATEK is one of the few materials on the market of liquid heaters, which is ensured by qualified high-quality scientific and technical support. We have a team of professionals with an extensive experience in the construction industry and an excellent reference on the market of thermal insulation materials. Our staff undergone training in the USA training center, and constantly improve their knowledge at the specialized seminars, participate in academic conferences.

We participate in research and development of new compositions of thermal insulation coatings, the introduction of new materials and technologies, other studies in this field with scientists and specialists of Volgograd State Polytechnic University (Chair of elastomeric technology and chemistry) and Volgograd State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering (Chair of energy supply and heating engineering).