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Insulating polymeric coating ASTRATEK facade

picHeat-insulating polymer coating ASTRATEK facade for thermal insulation of building structures.

ASTRATEK facade is an energy-saving thermal insulation coating that can replace lots of traditional thermal insulation systems. The usage of this thermal insulation coating ASTRATEK facade reduces energy consumption for heating and air conditioning. In a house or apartment considering some additional ways of energy saving (efficient appliances, modern windows and so on) the application of the coating ASTRATEK facade significantly reduces heat loss.

Heat-insulating polymer coating ASTRATEK facade helps to maintain a comfortable room temperature by highly filled microporous structure of the material that reflects, scatters and inhibits the heat flow. Due to its unique thermophysical properties ASTRATEK coating significantly increases the thermal resistance of the insulated enclosing constructions. Walls keep a relative constancy of temperatures, i.e. they have a greater heat resistance. Thus, the coating reduces excessive heating of the walls by solar radiation and high ambient temperatures in summer, as well as significantly reduces heat loss in the rooms in winter.

Coating of ASTRATEK facade is characterized by an excellent adhesion, enhanced weather resistance, durability, water vapor permeability and water repellency, so it provides a long-term protection to almost any facade.

Thermal insulation of building structures using coating ASTRATEK facade can be performed:

• outside the enclosing structures

• indoors

• indoors and outside the enclosing structures

Liquid thermal insulation ASTRATEK facade coating is used for thermal insulation of residential, public and industrial buildings for new construction, renovation or restoration, repair of houses and apartments. You can decorate the final energy saving coating ASTRATEK facade your own, you may putty, plaster, hang wallpaper, ceramic tiles or paint the coating with acrylic paints.

Thermal insulation polymer coatings ASTRATEK facade shall be applied in layers. The thickness of the put liquid insulation ASTRATEK layer should be about 0.4 mm (when it supposed to be applied to a highly absorbent plastered, brick or concrete surfaces you can usea spatula, and the thickness of a layer may be about 0.8 - 1.2 mm). The rate of the material consumption for a single-layer coating (0.4 mm) is about 1 liter per 1.5 - 2 square meters. The complexity of an application is similar to the complexity of any painting works. The service life of the polymeric coating ASTRATEK is 15 - 25 years (depending on operating conditions).

The manufacturer of the liquid insulation ensures a consistent quality of the material at least for a one year during its transportation and storage under appropriate conditions.

Hazard category (as a chemical composition) for ASTRATEK is 4 (GOST 12.1.007-76). The material may be considered as a safe load for transportation.

Thermal insulation polymer coatings ASTRATEK (facade) are available in a cold-resistant version. The material marked "frost resistant" can be transported and stored at temperatures up to -40 °C for a month with allowed up to 5 cycles of freezing.

Benefits of ASTRATEK (facade) composition:

• the possibility of a full coverage of the object with the elimination of "cold bridges" that provides enhanced thermal protection of the walls in buildings and structures;

• the possibility of a thermal insulation of walls without reducing the usable area of ​​the interior space;

• the possibility of a thermal insulation of walls without increasing the load on the foundation and other constructions;

• the possibility of an insulation the objects without changing the external shape of all elements of the facade that is indispensable for the restoration of architectural monuments;

• prevents a thermal deformation of building structures;

• has hydrophobic properties, it does not accumulate the moisture and can’t be destroyed by weathering;

• does not support a combustion, reduces the spread of fire and smoke formation;

• non-toxic, environmentally safe;

• low labor and resource consumption during operation and repair.

Technical Data

 CharacteristicsValueTest Method
1 Color White* GOST 29319-92
2 Material density (t = 20°С, Kg/m3) 600±10% GOST R, ISO 705-2003
3 Volume solids content, %, not less 47 GOST 17537-72, Section 1
4 Hydrogen ion exponent, рН 7,5-11,0 p.5.8 TU-5768-002-62584336-2009
5 Time of drying and film formation to degree 3
(t = (20±2)°С, hour, not less
24 GOST 19007-73
6 Dry film density (t = 20°С, Kg/m3) 370±20% GOST R, ISO 705-2003
7 Adhesion, B, not more 1 GOST 15140-78
8 Pull apart strength, MPa, not less
  • concrete and brick
  • steel
GOST 28574-90
9 Dry film flexibility while bending, mm, not more 5 GOST 6806-73
10 Coating resistance to (t = (20±2)°С, hour, not less):
  • water
  • 5% alkaline solution
  • 3% NaCl solution
GOST 9.403-80*
method А, method Б
11 Coating resistance to t = (200±5)°С, hour, not less 1,0 GOST 51691-2000 p.9.13
12 Thermal Conductivity, (t = 20°С, W/m/°С) 0,023 ± 10% GOST 7076-99
13 Thermal Conductivity (resulting), (t = 20°С, W/m/°С) 0,0012 ± 10% p.5.10 TU-5768-002-62584336-2009
14 Application temperatures, °С +5 to +60 p. 7.2 TU-5768-002-62584336-2009
15 Operation temperatures, °С -60 to + 100 p. 7.3 TU-5768-002-62584336-2009
16 Operation life, year, not less 10 p. 8 TU-5768-002-62584336-2009
17 Shelf life, month 12 p. 8 TU-5768-002-62584336-2009
18 Transportation & storage temperatures, °С —  40 to +35
1. keep away from direct sunlight;
2. 5 (five) freezing cycles allowed.
p. 6 TU-5768-002-62584336-2009

*Note 1. The color can be changed in accordance with the customer’s requirement (pastel shades).

** Note 2. Resulting Thermal Conductivity is a total figure of coating conductivity taking into account the conduction of boundary layer.

Package: Plastic pails of 3; 10; and 20 liters.